About Arch

DeNightArch DeNight is a young woman who likes to think, to talk, and to type about many things–all in that exact order. She acquired the ability of reading since the tender age of five–all thanks to her parents relentless effort to teach her and piles of Donald Duck comic magz. She started writing poems when she reached the age of ten–the same year when she started studying English in school. She wrote some stories, essays, and articles, too–most of them in Bahasa. But most of them had never been published.

DeNight’s biggest interest is human’s mind and behavior. After pursuing her dream for a time–longer than she expected–she finally graduated from College in 2013. Having a degree in Psychology, she doesn’t think that she understands human better than before having one. Human being, for her, is not a book that can be read–but they can always be observed for fun.

Currently residing in a tropical Southeast Asian country, DeNight spends her time playing online games, daydreaming, typing, and of course… making contact with other human beings.

Wanna make contact with her?

Leave any comment in her blog posts or contact her through: arch.denight@gmail.com

You can also follow or mention her on Twitter under the name: ArchDeNight

She’ll be very happy to hear anything you have in mind, especially the ones related to her writings 🙂


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