POWER FOR HIRE: Lost Princess #1

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters. I just borrowed them from their rightful owners for the sake of having some fun writing and reading.

POWER FOR HIRE: Lost Princess

by Arch DeNight


Chapter #1


“Someone, please help me!”

Magic was just back from the convenience store that afternoon when she heard the cry for help of a woman. With a popsicle in her mouth, she looked to the right and left. No other people seemed to hear a thing—or perhaps they did not think of it as anything.

“Damn,” she cursed quietly as she took the popsicle out of her mouth, “Why does it always have to be me?”

Slowly, she walked to the end of the alley she just passed. She was not in a hurry. She did not have any intention to visit the dingy dead end in the first place. So, why wasting more energy than necessary?

“You know, Baby, it’s not nice of you to shout like that,” she could hear the voice of a man, “People may get the wrong idea.”

Magic started to think that it might just be some lovers’ quarrel that went a bit too far or something. She decided that she should probably just leave them alone. Learning from past experience, nothing good would come out of meddling in some fight between lovers. It would be better if they solve that problem themselves.

“No… No… Don’t come closer! Help! Somebody!”

Magic had just turned her way around when she heard the female voice again. She really wanted to just leave the place. But, the voice was now mixed with some sobs.

“Maaan… Seriously!”

She cursed her inability to just ignore things like that and turn her way back again. She stomped her way to the end of the alley until she saw a middle-aged man trying to force himself to a young woman trapped in between his body and the wall. Yes. Tears were rolling down the woman’s cheek.

“Hey, you!” Magic called the man out.

The man was about to protest as he turned his face around. But, a punch on his cheek wiped everything away from his head. He saw stars for a moment and needed to shake his head to clear it up.

“What the hell!” he screamed in rage as he saw the young lady with the popsicle.

“Leave her alone, Man,” she said before putting the popsicle back in her mouth.

“Who the hell are you!? Mind your own business!”

Magic took a glance at the young woman behind the man. Her long brown hair was dishelved, her light blue dress was partially open, and she could only look at them in horror. What she saw made Magic shook her head.

“No can do, Man.”

She took her leather jacket of and let it fall beside her. As she moved into her a fighting stance, the man lunged forward—perhaps trying to give her some payback for the punch earlier. But, Magic was faster. She moved a bit to the side, right when the man swung his right fist, and kicked the man’s stomach with her left foot.

The man fell to the ground. He held his stomach as he screamed in pain. But, he had not given up. He used his legs to trip Magic—forcing her to throw away the popsicle she was holding so she could use her hands to break her fall.

“Damn! I haven’t finished that popsicle!”

She growled as she pushed herself back and gave another kick to the man—this time on his face.

“Don’t make me waste food!”

He did not have any chance to move away. Magic had already had her foot above the man, swinging it down, aiming for his crotch. The man could only yelp while closing his eyes, not wanting to see what would happen next.

But, the blow never came.

He opened his eyes slowly to see what happen, only to find Magic looking down at him with a menacing gaze—her foot was still looming above its target.

“Leave,” she growled, “Before I change my mind.”

The man did not waste any second. He scrambled on his feet and fled the scene. Magic could only shake her head seeing the coward running. She then lowered her foot slowly and sighed.

“Damn… It was a good popsicle…”

She moved to collect the remnants of the melting ice, considering whether she should spend more money to buy another one.


Magic turned her head. The young woman was now standing next to her. The brown hair was still a bit of a mess. But, she had somehow managed to fix her dress and wiped her tears in the midst of everything.

“Thank you…,” the woman said.

Magic looked at the woman up and down before saying, “Give me some money.”

“Eh?” the woman was clearly taken aback.

Magic held her palm out, “Money. Don’t you have any?”


Magic ran her hand on her face in frustration.

“Listen, Lady. I don’t give charity. I helped you. So, now, pay up! I need some money to buy another popsicle.”

The young woman looked scared. She felt like she just got out of a sexual assault only to run head first into a robbery. But, she had seen how the other woman fought and she would never dream to make her angry. So, she immediately reached in her bag for her purse and took some money out.

“I-i-is this… enough?” she stuttered as she held some Yukichi out.

Magic looked at the ten thousand yen bills in disbelief, “What the heck!?”

She snatched the purse from the woman’s hand and opened the side where people usually put their changes. After taking some coins out, she gave the purse back.

“I just need some money to buy one popsicle, not a damn truck of it,” she grumbled.

She then turned around and started walking, leaving the woman stunned. She picked her jacket up from the ground and shook it a few times before she draped it around her shoulders.

“Now we are even. You don’t owe me anything anymore. So, jaa ne,” she said while waving her hand without turning.


Magic could hear the young woman confused voice behind her. But, she walked on—making her way out of the alley and back to the convenience store.

Continue to the next chapter…


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