THEATER BLUES: a YuiParu FanFic #17

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters. I just borrowed them from their rightful owners for the sake of having some fun writing and reading. This is my first attempt in writing a fan fiction. I’ve never written anything like this before and I am relatively new in this fandom. So, there is a good chance that the people involved may be a bit out of character. Thinking that it is set in an alternate universe where one of the girls was not an idol, the Iwate Incidents had never happened, and LINE had not yet been a popular way of communication may help. Regarding ratings, I’ve never written anything that can be rated more than PG-13. However, the story does portray a same-sex attraction between girls. So, if you’re not comfortable or not allowed to access such thing wherever you are, please do feel free to stop reading here. Reader discretion advised.

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THEATER BLUES: An AKB48’s YuiParu Fanfic
by Arch DeNight


Chapter 17—Messages

Paruru was just done with her bath when she noticed that there was a new message on her phone. She did not recognize the sender, but the name on the email address gave her a hint. Was it really her? She was not sure, but she opened and read it anyway.



It’s Yui. I am sorry for suddenly sending a message to you like this. I just got your email address from Ricchan. I am sorry for what happened earlier. I am sorry for not saying anything before I left six months ago. It was really a sudden change for me as well.


Paruru bit her bottom lip, not knowing how to respond the message. She was genuinely upset about Yuihan’s sudden disappearance a few months ago. She was also upset about her sudden come back. But, she knew that she was not supposed to react that way. So, regarding what happened earlier today, she felt like it was her who supposed to say sorry for making a scene.

She was still thinking about how she should reply that message. She was torn. Should she even reply the message at all? But, her phone was already blinking, informing her that she had just received a new message.


I will understand if you are still upset and don’t want us to be friends anymore. But, may I just tell you my side of the story first?


Paruru did not reply. She had already taken a long time in the bath, soaking all her anxiety and regrets. She was not really sure she wanted to talk about this right now, right after she had started feeling a bit better. But, she already got another message from the same sender.

“This woman… Maji de…,” she muttered while opening the message.


I guess you had probably heard from Ricchan about my father. He had been hospitalized since last year. About a year before that, I had actually passed the audition for NMB first generation. I used to commute from Kyoto to Namba for practice. But, then, as the first generation kenkyuusei, things were pretty busy so I moved to live by myself and enrolled in Sayanee’s high school as a transferred student. I managed to graduate from high school and passed the exam for a music institute there. But, a couple months after that, my father’s health started to deteriorate to the point where he was unable to work and had to be admitted to the hospital.


The message ended there. But, Paruru did not need to wait for too long for the next message to arrive.


My mother and my older sister had to work really hard to pay for our daily needs and bills. I decided that I could not let them be the only ones supporting all of us. So, I decided to take a break from college and quit NMB. I really like to sing. I really like the theater and everyone as well. But, being a kenkyuusei of a newly formed group did not help us to make ends meet. So, I moved back to Kyoto and started working part-time here and there. That was when Ricchan messaged me, telling me that the theater in Akihabara was hiring. The pay would be just enough for me to pay for my daily expense and send some money home. I would also be able to work somewhere I would really like. So, I took the job. That decision also enabled me to meet you. Honestly, I was really happy that I was able to meet you. I was really happy to get to know you. I was really happy when you said that we are friends. I really wanted to spend more time with you.


Paruru waited impatiently for the next message to arrive. There should be at least another one, right? She quickly opened and read the message when she received it.


But, then, on Christmas morning, right after you leave, I got a call from my family. They said that there was a change in my father’s condition, so I immediately packed my stuff and took a night bus back to Kyoto. I hadn’t thought about quitting my job at that time, but then it turned out that my father was getting better. He would be released from the hospital and be able to work again soon. Knowing my dream of being a singer, my father asked me to join another audition in Namba and resumed my study at the music institute. He said that I should never be worried about making money anymore. He would take care of everything as soon as he was out of the hospital. Everything was a blur since then. I quit my job, I moved back to Kyoto, then to Namba, took the audition, attended my classes…


A minute passed before Paruru got the next message.


I knew that you must be really busy with the New Year’s performances and everything. So, I knew that I might not be able to see you on my last day at the Akihabara theater. There were times when I really wanted to contact you, but I realized that I didn’t have your number or your email address. I knew that I’d probably be able to get them from Ricchan, but I wasn’t sure if that was okay with you. After all, I was just one of the regular staff who happened to hang out with you a few times… In the end, I didn’t try to contact you at all. If I knew that it would hurt you that much… I would surely asked Ricchan for your contact information.


Paruru pouted. Her eyebrows were forming a squint. The long mails did explain everything.

“You really should have just asked, Baka…,” she mumbled to herself as a new message was coming.


Now that you know everything, I really hope that we can still be friends. However, I understand if you don’t want to. I can only hope that you could forgive me for everything…


Paruru bit her bottom lip again. Then, she decided to send a reply to Yuihan. The message was really short as she was just asking for the girl’s phone number. A minute went by without any reply. She thought, Yui was probably having doubts, not knowing whether Paruru was still mad at her or not. When the reply finally came, Paruru immediately dialed the number.

Baka,” was the only word she said when Yuihan answered her call, then she ended it.

While Yuihan was probably still confused because of what happened, she feverishly typed a short message on her phone and sent it.


Now that you have my phone number, you have no more reason not to contact me.



Continue to the epilogue…



  • -han: a honorific used by the Japanese, especially in Kansai region; equal to -san in Kanto region
  • Konbanwa: Good evening
  • Maji de: Seriously, really
  • NMB: refers to NMB48, a Japanese idol group; AKB48’s sister group based in Namba, Osaka
  • Kenkyuusei: Research students; a group of trainee member aspiring to debut in AKB or other 48 groups; they fill in for absent members at the theater and are promoted to official members to replace graduated members
  • Baka: Stupid, idiot




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