THEATER BLUES: a YuiParu FanFic #10

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters. I just borrowed them from their rightful owners for the sake of having some fun writing and reading. This is my first attempt in writing a fan fiction. I’ve never written anything like this before and I am relatively new in this fandom. So, there is a good chance that the people involved may be a bit out of character. Thinking that it is set in an alternate universe where one of the girls was not an idol, the Iwate Incidents had never happened, and LINE had not yet been a popular way of communication may help. Regarding ratings, I’ve never written anything that can be rated more than PG-13. However, the story does portray a same-sex attraction between girls. So, if you’re not comfortable or not allowed to access such thing wherever you are, please do feel free to stop reading here. Reader discretion advised.

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THEATER BLUES: An AKB48’s YuiParu Fanfic
by Arch DeNight


Chapter 10—Dinner

The place was really hidden in one corner of the smaller streets. There weren’t many people there. Most of the tenants were older people who just wanted to have a couple drinks and a nice conversation with friends. But, Yuihan mentioned that the place served the best rice bowls and various kinds of yakitori. A delicious smell was really coming from that place.

Paruru followed Yuihan into the small eating place. She watched as Yuihan exchanged greetings and some small talk with the owner before they took a seat at a rather secluded table at the back of the room. After looking at the menu, Paruru asked for a platter of yakitori while Yuihan ordered a bowl of nikudon for herself.

“Looks like you and the owner know each other well,” Paruru said while taking her mask and her long coat off and put them beside her.

“Does it really seem that way?” Yuihan chuckled, “I found this place about a year ago when I just started working at the theater. I really like the food here so I kept coming back for more.”

“Is that so…”

Hai. But, I’ve never come with a friend before. So, let’s keep this place a secret, just between you and me, okay?” Yuihan smiled, “This place is great as it is. We won’t be able to eat in peace anymore if it’s too crowded.”

Paruru did not know why. But, hearing those words made her feel warm inside. So, she smiled.

They had a nice dinner together. They talked and shared some stories about their lives as well that night. Paruru did not know that Yuihan and Kawaei had known each other since they were little because their parents were good friends. Nor that she knew that Yuihan and Sayanee used to attend the same high school in Namba. No wonder she seemed really close with both members at the theater. Somehow, knowing all of these made Paruru feel a lot better than she did the last seven days.

“Aaaah… That was a nice meal, wasn’t it?” said Yuihan as they walked side by side towards the train station.

“Um,” Paruru nodded, smiling.

Ne, Paruru.”


“Want to spend a night again at my place? Feels like it’s been a long time since your last visit,” Yuihan chuckled.

Paruru stopped walking. She looked at Yuihan who also stopped walking but still had a big smile on her face. She did not need to think for long before she responded with a similar smile.

“Sure. I’ll let my parents know.”

“Really? Yatta!”

Paruru giggled. She did not know why Yuihan seemed to be very happy to have a guest for a sleepover on a Christmas Eve. But, somehow, seeing the older girl looked happy made her feel happy as well.


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  • -han: a honorific used by the Japanese, especially in Kansai region; equal to -san in Kanto region
  • Yakitori: Japanese style of skewered chicken
  • Niku-don: Pork/meat on rice, pork bowl/meat bowl
  • Hai: Yes, all right
  • Ne: can have many different meaning, but in this context refer to something equal to “Well…” or “You know…”; used to grab someone’s attention or to start a rather delicate conversation, just like “Ano…” and “Jaa…”
  • Yatta: a short form of “Yarimashita” which can be translated into “I/We did it!”; can also be considered equal to “Yay!”, “Okay!”, “It’s done!”, “All right!”, “Hooray!” or other similar exclamations.



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