THEATER BLUES: a YuiParu FanFic #9

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters. I just borrowed them from their rightful owners for the sake of having some fun writing and reading. This is my first attempt in writing a fan fiction. I’ve never written anything like this before and I am relatively new in this fandom. So, there is a good chance that the people involved may be a bit out of character. Thinking that it is set in an alternate universe where one of the girls was not an idol, the Iwate Incidents had never happened, and LINE had not yet been a popular way of communication may help. Regarding ratings, I’ve never written anything that can be rated more than PG-13. However, the story does portray a same-sex attraction between girls. So, if you’re not comfortable or not allowed to access such thing wherever you are, please do feel free to stop reading here. Reader discretion advised.

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THEATER BLUES: An AKB48’s YuiParu Fanfic
by Arch DeNight


Chapter 9—Out of the Dressing Room

Hai. I gave the key to him. He said that it’s okay. He would take the scooter back to the theater. Then, is it all right if I just go home from here? Hai. No, it’s nothing really. You’re welcome. Hai. Merry Christmas, Shinobu-san.”

Yuihan ended the call. She put the phone in her jeans pocket and leaned on the wall, wondering what she should do next. Going straight home? Trying to grab a bite somewhere? There would not be any difference since she was going to be alone either way, she thought.

She was taking her phone out again, considering whether she should invite a friend for dinner or call her family in Kyoto just to ask what they were doing that night, when she heard someone excusing herself out of the dressing room. Yuihan lifted her heads up and their eyes met. It was Paruru, already in her street clothes with a pair of glasses on, long coat and a mask on her hand. Since no one else was there in the corridor, it would be too awkward not to say anything to each other. It was not like they have a fight or something. Was it?

“Paruru-san, otsukaresama,” Yuihan smiled and bowed a little.

Paruru gave her reply and bowed a little as well before continued walking past Yuihan. But then, something crossed her mind so she stopped. Yuihan’s attention was already back at her phone screen at that time.

“Are you waiting for someone?” Paruru asked.

“Um?” Yuihan turned her gaze to the younger girl.

“Kawaei still has a group performance at the end of the program. That would still be about an hour from now.”

“Eh? Ricchan?” Yuihan did not understand why she brought the other girl’s name up.

“Yes. Aren’t you waiting for her?”

“Ricchan? Noooo,” Yuihan chuckled, wondering why the girl thought that way, “She already has a nice Christmas plan with someone later.”

“So… Is it Sayanee?”

Yuihan was definitely confused by now, “Why would I be waiting for Sayanee?”

There was an awkward silence between them. Paruru lowered her gaze, staring at the floor in front of her. Yuihan did not know what to say either. But, then she sighed and pushed herself away from the wall, smiling.

“It is nice to see Paruru here tonight. I was just about to go home, but thinking that I should probably grab some dinner first. I know a nice place not too far away from here. It’s a bit hidden away from the main street. Would you like to join me?”

There was a second of pause before Yuihan heard a mumbled, “Sure,” from the girl.

“Great! Let’s go then!” said Yuihan merrily while putting her arm around the other girl’s upper back.


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  • -san: a honorific used by the Japanese; can be considered equal to “Mr.”, “Mrs.”, or “Miss”
  • -han: a honorific used by the Japanese, especially in Kansai region; equal to -san in Kanto region
  • Hai: Yes, all right
  • Otsukaresama: a greeting used by the Japanese to others when they just finished working or is going home after a long day of work; can be considered equal to “Thanks for your hard work”



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