THEATER BLUES: a YuiParu FanFic #6

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters. I just borrowed them from their rightful owners for the sake of having some fun writing and reading. This is my first attempt in writing a fan fiction. I’ve never written anything like this before and I am relatively new in this fandom. So, there is a good chance that the people involved may be a bit out of character. Thinking that it is set in an alternate universe where one of the girls was not an idol, the Iwate Incidents had never happened, and LINE had not yet been a popular way of communication may help. Regarding ratings, I’ve never written anything that can be rated more than PG-13. However, the story does portray a same-sex attraction between girls. So, if you’re not comfortable or not allowed to access such thing wherever you are, please do feel free to stop reading here. Reader discretion advised.

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THEATER BLUES: An AKB48’s YuiParu Fanfic
by Arch DeNight


Chapter 6—Longing

A couple of days passed before Paruru went back to the theater for a practice. There was still an hour or so before the practice started. She deliberately came early so she had some time to review her scripts. She was at the filming location earlier that day and there were some lines that she still needed to memorize before the shooting tomorrow morning. She walked to the stage area, hoping to find a nice place to sit and read her script. When she looked around, she noticed a familiar female staff sitting on the middle row so she made her way over there.

“Yui,” she called when they were only a couple of seats apart.

The girl turned to find the source of the voice. Her face instantly lighted up when she saw Paruru.

“Ah, Paruru-san! Konnichiwa!”

Konnichiwa. What are you doing here?”

“Um? Ah, I was about to take a lunch break. But, then the kenkyuusei started practicing for the afternoon stage performance. Thought I would stay watching for a bit. They’ve really gotten better comparing to the last time. Hard work would surely be rewarded after all, isn’t it?”

Yuihan smiled and turned her gaze back to the stage. There was some kind of longing in her eyes. It was something Paruru did not understand.

Ne, Yui.”


“Why did you decide to work as a theater staff?”

“Eh?” Yuihan turned to face her, “Because it is a nice place to work. It is always fun here. Don’t you think so?”

“It is fun…,” Paruru muttered while sitting next to the girl, “But, if it’s just to have fun working here, wasn’t there another option you could choose? Like joining the audition and be a member?”

She expected Yuihan to immediately turn completely toward her. She thought that the girl would immediately gave some excuse, saying it in a rather high pitch voice, something Paruru noticed she tend to do when she feels nervous or embarrassed. But, Yuihan did none of those. On the contrary, she just chuckled. Her gaze was fixed on the younger girls practicing on the stage.

“That is not possible for me, Paruru-san.”

“Why not? Didn’t you say that you wanted to be a singer so you went to some music school, majoring in vocal? You’re not twenty yet. You are also beautiful. I am sure that you would pass the audition.”

“Eeh? No. Somehow, it’s embarrassing to hear someone as cute as you saying that I am beautiful.”

Yuihan laughed. But, she did not answer any of Paruru’s questions. She just kept on looking at the people on the stage, humming the tunes of the song along. Her gaze was just too sad for Paruru’s liking.

Ne, Yui.”


“Your lunch break will be over soon, isn’t it? Let’s have lunch together. I feel like eating ramen somewhere outside today.”


Yuihan was still trying to process the invitation in her mind. Her lunch break would end in half an hour for sure. The senbatsu member practice would start just a bit later than that. There is also the fact that she was just a low level staff and the other girl was a national idol. Is it really okay for them to go out and eat together just like that? But, Paruru had gathered all of her belongings and started to stand up.

“Are you coming?” she asked, “I am hungry.”

Yuihan looked into the other girl’s eyes and she understood. This girl did not understand her longing and she did not want to ask further. But, she wanted to try easing some of the pain. So, when Paruru turned and started walking, she took her hand to stop her.

Ano… Paruru-san…,” Yuihan tried to say, “Arigatou.”

A few deafening heartbeats. A couple seconds of silence. Then the girl turned half way to look at her.

“I don’t know what you are thanking me for. But, I think I did say that it’s okay to drop the honorifics.”


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  • -san: a honorific used by the Japanese; can be considered equal to “Mr.”, “Mrs.”, or “Miss”
  • -han: a honorific used by the Japanese, especially in Kansai region; equal to -san in Kanto region
  • Konnichiwa: Good day/Good afternoon
  • Kenkyuusei: Research students; a group of trainee member aspiring to debut in AKB or other 48 groups; they fill in for absent members at the theater and are promoted to official members to replace graduated members
  • Ramen: Japanese noodle soup dish
  • Senbatsu: Selection; in 48 groups, it refers to the members selected for singles, events, performance, etc.
  • Ano/Ne: can have many different meaning, but in this context refer to something equal to “Well..” or “You know…”; used to grab someone’s attention or to start a rather delicate conversation, just like “Jaa…”
  • Arigatou: Thank you




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