THEATER BLUES: a YuiParu FanFic #4

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters. I just borrowed them from their rightful owners for the sake of having some fun writing and reading. This is my first attempt in writing a fan fiction. I’ve never written anything like this before and I am relatively new in this fandom. So, there is a good chance that the people involved may be a bit out of character. Thinking that it is set in an alternate universe where one of the girls was not an idol, the Iwate Incidents had never happened, and LINE had not yet been a popular way of communication may help. Regarding ratings, I’ve never written anything that can be rated more than PG-13. However, the story does portray a same-sex attraction between girls. So, if you’re not comfortable or not allowed to access such thing wherever you are, please do feel free to stop reading here. Reader discretion advised.

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THEATER BLUES: An AKB48’s YuiParu Fanfic
by Arch DeNight


Chapter 4—Birthday

Due to the amount of work and hectic schedules, Shimazaki Haruka almost did not see Yokoyama for nearly two weeks. She did caught a glimpse or two of the girl when she was at the theater, but it was either when she was busy practicing with her fellow members or when Yokoyama seemed really busy running here and there working. Once or twice, they did catch each other’s eyes. At such time, Yokoyama would just give her a smile and continue whatever she was working on. Shimazaki Haruka knew that she should have thanked the girl properly for her kindness. However, with the theater’s anniversary coming up, it would have to wait, at least until the anniversary celebration was over. So they went on with their days like that until December 8.

The celebration was a big success. The general manager pasted another line of pink ribbon on the pillars. The cake was epic. The letters, written and read by some special guests, moved everyone to tears. The crowd was amazing. They sang and danced along with the members, and chanted loudly in unison. Hundreds of fans who were not lucky to get a ticket for the anniversary performance stayed outside at the café and even on the side of the street, willing to show their support for their beloved idol group in any way they could.

When the celebration ended, exhaustion took over. Most of the members immediately made their way to the backroom. They cleaned their makeup, changed their clothes, or waited for their turns while chatting with some fellow members. Everyone was so ready to call it a day and get some rest.

Shimazaki Haruka was also ready for all that. But, then, she opened her bag and saw the brown paper bag containing a set of change of clothes that Yokoyama-san lent her the other day. The clothes had been cleaned right after she arrived home two weeks ago. But, she did not have a chance to return them yet.

“Ah… I should really give it back tonight, shouldn’t I?”  she sighed and muttered to herself.

Shimazaki Haruka was really really tired and so ready to go to sleep. But, she would not come to the theater tomorrow and who knows how long the things would stay in her bag if she did not give them to Yokoyama-san as soon as possible. So, she took her time and be one of the last members to get ready to go home, knowing that Yokoyama-san must still be working at that time. The staff still needed to clean up and put the equipments away after the members were done performing after all.

“Are you coming, Paruru?” asked Shimada Haruka when she and some other 9th generation members were ready to leave.

“Ah, you go ahead. I still have something to do. I’ll go home afterwards,” Shimazaki answered.

“Okay. See you at the shooting location tomorrow afternoon, then.”

“Okay. Be safe on your way home.”

Shimada gave her a thumb up and a wave then made her way out with the others. Shimazaki smiled and waved at her friends. Then, she took her belongings and made her way out of the break room. She walked through the corridors, stopping every now and then to check on the rooms for Yokoyama. Some of the staffs were still working. They gave her an “Otsukaresama” which she replied as she walked by.

She finally found the girl near the stage, checking for some trash or forgotten belongings left by the audience at the front rows. She was about to call out her name. But, Togasaki-san, the theater manager, beat her to it.


“Ah, Togasaki-san. Otsukaresama deshita,” the girl stopped her work and turned toward the manager’s direction.

Otsukaresama deshita,” he answered, “And here you go! O tanjoubi omedetou!”

Yuihan accepted the box he offered, “Ah, you bought me a cake? Arigatou gozaimasu!”

“Yeah, I made sure to order another one when I ordered the cake for the theater’s anniversary. It’s also your birthday after all. It’s just a small one, though. I’m sorry that we could not make you a proper celebration.”

“It’s alright, Togasaki-san. Knowing that some people still remember my birthday despite being very busy today makes me really happy. Really. Thank you,” Yuihan was practically beaming.

Togasaki-san laughed, “Okay, then. I’m going home now. Thank you for the good work. Don’t overwork yourself. Please do go home right after you finish.”


Yuihan was genuinely touched by the kind gesture. She knew that the cake was not only from Togasaki-san. It was also from the other staff. They were really busy the past few weeks, but at least half of the staff wished her a happy birthday earlier.

“So, it was your birthday.”

Yuihan was surprised to hear Shimazaki-san’s voice coming from somewhere really close, she almost dropped the cake. She turned around. Shimazaki Haruka was right behind her.

“Ah, Shimazaki-san.  Otsukaresama deshita. You really surprised me there,“ she chuckled while trying to calm her beating heart.

  “Otsukaresama deshita. I didn’t mean to sneak on you. Happy birthday.”

“Thank you. Is there anything you need?” Yuihan smiled.

“I was thinking of returning the clothes I borrowed from you.”

“Ah, you didn’t have to go through all the trouble just to return it tonight. It must have been a very tiring night for you.”

“It’s okay. I should have returned it sooner and thank you properly.”

Shimazaki took the brown paper bag out. She was about to give it to Yokoyama when she looked at the cake box in the girl’s hand. She then looked at the brown paper bag and held the bag to her chest.

“On a second thought,” she said, “I may still need it after all.”

“Um? Sure.”

“Is it okay if I stay another night at your place, Yokoyama-san?”

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  • -san: a honorific used by the Japanese; can be considered equal to “Mr.”, “Mrs.”, or “Miss”
  • -han: a honorific used by the Japanese, especially in Kansai region; equal to -san in Kanto region
  • Otsukaresama/otsukaresama deshita: a greeting used by the Japanese to others when they just finished working or is going home after a long day of work; can be considered equal to “Thanks for your hard work”
  • O tanjoubi omedetou: Happy birthday
  • Arigatou gozaimasu: Thank you very much
  • Hai: Yes




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