image Doodle #6: Casther & Polar

Casther & Polar

Dear Arch-Mates,

I rummaged through the book shelves and stacks of books in my room a few weeks ago and found some sketches I made last year or the year before. Unwilling to let them thrown and wasted away, I decided to scan them and upload them here. Hope you can enjoy them as well as I do.

This one is Casther and Polar. I did post a drawing of Cast before, didn’t I? This one is from their younger days. Casther and Polar are twins–maternal twins to be exact, that’s why they aren’t identical. In my world of imagination, Casther or Cast was an archer knight who dedicate her service for her queendom. However, for some reason, she was banished from said queendom and chose to live her life as a huntress. On the other hand, Polar or Pole was a scholar. But, after completing his study, he chose to travel around the world and did research on the caste and class system from which he acquired his ability as a “charmer”.

Why was Casther banished? What is a charmer? Well, if I ever be able to complete the story I started to write a few years ago and put it up on Smashwords, you’ll definitely get the answer of those questions…and many more.



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