To David Blake and Ernest Winchester

Dear David Blake and Ernest Winchester,

I know it’s been almost a year since you posted your reviews for my story. It’s been a long time since I check this blog and my smashwords page, too. But, I won’t make that as an excuse. I am definitely guilty as charged when I don’t show my appreciation on time—let alone leaving it for almost a year. However, I still want to thank the both of you for taking your time to read and review my story. It’s an honor to get such a nice review from the both of you. So, thank you:

David Blake and Ernest Winchester.

Thank you very much. It’s really nice to get back to the page you’ve long forgotten only to find a couple of nice reviews on it. I hope I’ll get bitten by some writing bugs soon so I’ll be able to present you with new interesting stories…

For all of you, Arch-Mates, who would like to know about what they wrote in the reviews, you can check it out here—near the bottom of the page, as usual.

Both David Blake and Ernest Winchester are also fellow authors. David Blake has written many books, most of which, I believe, come from the genre of horror and mystery. Meanwhile, Ernest Winchester wrote more adult reading material. They both have written tons of reviews for other authors’ writings and they didn’t give stars out easily—if you know what I mean. So, it really is an honor to get good reviews from them. If you’d like to read their writings, try to check this page and this page.

Once again thanks to my reviewers, and thanks to you, Arch-Mates, for checking this little space in my hidden closet.



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