image Doodle #5: Mr. Rancher

Mr. Rancher

Dear Arch-Mates,

I’m sorry that I haven’t post anything lately, both here and on my Smashwords account. I’ve been really occupied with real life lately. I got a great job with a great responsibility to hold a few months ago. So, yeah, I’ve been quite busy with life. I did write some stories, but I did not publish them on Smashwords. I don’t think they will ever be on the site either since I’ve planned to publish them in prints under a different pseudonym.

Anyway, I doodled less than I wrote. So, after all this time, I could only manage to make and scan this one drawing. I don’t even know how I get the idea of this. I think I kinda just drew it absentmindedly. So, here it is.



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