To Michener 78

Dear Michener 78,

Thank you for reviewing my work of fiction. I did not think it would attract many fantasy-horror reader, left alone attracting reviewers. But, there you are and your nice review, proving that it did considered a decent work in the genre of fantasy-horror. Thank you very much.

For all of you, Arch-Mates, who would like to know what he had written in the review, you can check it here–near the bottom of the page.

Michener 78 has not published any book on Smashword. But, he did read a lot of them, and he did wrote a lot of reviews, too. He doesn’t hesitate to say what bad is bad and what good is good. So, it really is an honor to get a three starts review from him. He mostly reads horror and science-fiction books. So, if you would like to know which horror and science-fiction story are worth reading, try to check the list of his review here. You might find some that you also like… 🙂

Once again, thanks to Michener 78 for the nice review. And, thanks to you, Arch-Mates, for taking some time to check this small part hidden in my closet.



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