To Jeffry Diamond

Dear Jeffry Diamond,

How amazing it was to have my book reviewed just hours after it was published? I should admit that it was pretty amazing. No. It was really awesome. Thank you for the nice review. I love fantasy as a literary theme. But, I have never written a story about witches or horror-kinda theme before. I was the first one. I was a bit worried that people would not like the story. But, your review just erased all the negative thought I have related to that subject.

For all of you, Arch-Mates, who would like to know what he had written in the review, you can check it here–near the bottom of the page.

Jeffry Diamond is a fellow author. Reading his work of fiction gave me an idea that he might be more into the science fiction theme–MIB, anyone? His short story, The Census Maker, is a very well-written one. He does have an amazing talent in turning a serious subject into a really interesting and entertaining one. If you watch all the MIB movies–just like me–you might want to check his story–just don’t expect aliens or a Will Smith character in it, okay?

Once again, thanks to Jeffry Diamond for the nice review. And, thanks to you, Arch-Mates, for taking some time to check this small part hidden in my closet. Have a nice weekend!



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