The Broken Needles

Hey, there, Arch-Mates,

I was stitching a piece of velcro on a box the other night. I had tried to attached it with some hot glue before, but it did not last long–it kept falling off. So, I thought a needle and some thread would be a better idea. But, the surface was too hard to penetrate. I successfully made a few stitches, but after that, the needle was suddenly broken. When I was cleaning up my mess, out of nowhere, a name crossed my mind.

The Broken Needles Community

Yes. That was when I got the idea to write a story about the Broken Needles witches. I just published the story here.

As far as I know, the Broken Needles witches are my original characters. But, if it turns out that they really exists and one of them was responsible in blowing the idea into my mind… Well, it would be different, then.

Anyway, I was kinda afraid that people would not like it. I love fantasy as a genre in the work of fictions I ever read. But, horror and witches was never be my forte. My writings were mostly on lesbian romance. I wrote about girls who fell in love with other girls, not about some old woman who stitches up corpses to form human beings. But, I cannot deny that I enjoyed writing that one, too, though. Grin. If more people read it and said that they like it, I might end up writing more stories about them. After all, fans’ comments are great motivators in writing.

Oh, by the way, I made all covers of my stories by myself. I usually pick just one bright color and put words and pictures in white on it. But, I made some changes in The Broken Needles cover, and I thought that it was nice. You can check the covers on my “Published Works” page.

Let me know what you think about them, okay…:-)?




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