Each and Every Step of The Way

Hey, there, Arch-Mates,

I watched a preacher on TV a few days ago. He talked about giving back to others in need. He also talk about how we should not see the price if there’s something that we want to have. We should see the God behind it. Why? Because He is the one behind everything that we have today. We might have voiced our wants secretly, and they might not come in the way we pictured them, but they did come. God sent them to us.

I thought about it for a while, and I realize that I had tons of experiences like that. I came from a middle to low income family. Whenever I wanted or needed something, my parents would likely to say that they had no money for that. And that was the truth. However, when the time comes, I always get what I need, and many times, I get what I want.

My parents always wanted me to go to college. My Dad went there for a couple years, but he dropped out because of some financial problems. My Mom did get her bachelor degree, but it didn’t help her much. She only worked for a few years, then quit to stay at home taking care of us. Both of them believe that education is very important to gain success in life. They want their children to get a bachelor degree, a master degree, and even a Ph.D. But, how are we going to do that without money? With God. Yeah. That’s how.

When I finished high school, I got accepted in one of the most prestigious university in the whole country. However, the tuition fee was over the roof. There were a bunch of other things that were needed to be paid, too, since I had to leave my hometown and live in a big city for that. My parents, even with all of their savings, didn’t think that they had enough money to support me ’til the end. I said I would just let the chance slip away, and I almost did. But, that was when the God helped us through.

My parents refused to give up. They made some phone calls, they searched through the internet, they did anything to come up with some decent amount of money to enroll me in. And miracles started to happen. Considering the financial condition of my parents, the university let them paid only 1/5 of the actual tuition fee. I also got a scholarship starting from my second semester there. I even got some freelance jobs a few times from here and there. And, now, here I am, typing this with a bachelor degree written after my real name. I didn’t really know how it happened, but it did happened. If it was just my parents’ income and their savings, I would never get a chance to be a college graduate.

It’s just one of many miracles happened in my life. I don’t think I need to mention the others. In many different forms, miracle happened in everyone’s lives. No matter how hard life can be, God will always guide us through in each and every step of the way. He is there, all the time.

And yes. No matter what my sexual orientation is or what my writings are about, I still believe in God. I hope you do, too. But, it’s okay, too, if you don’t. Because the miracles will still happen anyway. Whether we realize them or not.



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