An Idea

Hey, there, Arch-Mates,

I know that being a productive author means trying to write regularly no matter you’re in the mood or not. But, well… I guess now you all know why I haven’t been able to be a productive one just yet. Weeks almost turn into months since the last time I published a story… Yet nothing. I finish nothing else ’til now.

Well, I’m the ultimate procrastinator–believe me, My Pink Bunny would scream the loudest, “YES, YOU ARE!” if she heard me saying that. Chuckle. I cannot write just anything anytime I don’t feel like it. Well, I guess it actually means I don’t want to write just anything anytime. I’m all about waiting for the right time, the right mood… Waiting for the right feelings to kick me square on the butt to get me moving my fingers on the keyboard. Typing.

It is not a good thing to do, though, Arch-Mates. Not a wise one. If you want to be a good writer, and a productive one at that, you do need to make writing a habit. It doesn’t matter when or where or what you have in mind. Just sit yourself comfortably and write, even just for a few minutes. Even just a paragraph or a line.

Well, easier to be said than done, right? Considering me, myself, haven’t been able to do so… But, I do have a great tip for all of you out there who might be just as procrastinating as I am. Grin.

Whenever you  get an idea–or ideas–kicking in your head, don’t just let it go. Wherever you are, whatever you do, get up and jot down the idea. Don’t wait for your computer to be started up. Don’t worry if you don’t have a decent notebook. Scribble on a scrap paper, or even a piece of tissue, or even better, make your smartphone as smart as its name and type your idea on its notepad or Word to Go. That way, you can read it again and write it properly later.

Don’t ever wait to write or type and idea down. You know why? Because an idea is like a good tweet in your Twitter timeline! If you don’t click the favorite star icon immediately, it would soon be buried by hundreds or even thousands of other tweets–and it would surely be a pain in the neck when you try to dig in to re-read it later. It would be so much trouble that you might just give up and let it go–or worse, you probably would forget all about it and carry on with your life never thinking about it.

Any idea is a good idea. And these ideas don’t come very often. They would come in the weirdest time and place you might never thought possible. And they don’t stay for long. So, it would be too bad if you just let them go, then regret it later when someone else made a hit, a bestselling masterpiece, based on an idea so similar with the one ever crossed your mind. Do you really want that to happen in your life? Well, I don’t.

So, Arch-Mates, remember, don’t let go of your ideas that easily… 🙂




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