To Max Kongo

Dear Max Kongo,

I was very surprised and delighted to see your review at the bottom of my short story–Finally–Smashwords’ page. No matter how brief it was, it still brought joy to my heart. Thank you for taking some of your precious time to write it. I really do appreciate the review.

For all of you, Arch-Mates, who would like to know what he had wrote in the review, you can check it here–near the bottom of the page.

Max Kongo is also a fellow author. He has an awesome skill in writing fictions–especially those which seemed to be a mixture of fantasy and erotica. If you’re interested in his works of writing, you can check them here. I, personally, had read the one titled “Hershey’s Wet Dream” and found it quite amusing.

Once again, thanks to Max Kongo for his wonderful review. And thanks to you, Arch-Mates, for taking your time, checking this small part hidden in my closet… 🙂



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