Good Time

Hello there, Arch-Mates,

IMG01612-20130510-1425I’m sitting here in a cafe. Enjoying some light meal and a glass of ice chocolate mint–my favorite. It would’ve been the time of my life if only the internet connection wasn’t so bad. But, hey, none gets everything she wants, right? Should just be grateful with what I had… 🙂

Yesterday was way better, though. It’s a national holiday. I was with my Pink Bunny, visiting a new dining place in town. The price was good, the food was awesome. The service was nice and the wireless internet connection was like super fast. That’s the best, you know. Having some time off from work, spending it with the loved one, and just be happy together.

Back in the old days, when I was still single, a good time would mean staying at home, having a cup of hot tea, while staring at the pouring rain outside. It was nice, too. But, I think what I have now is better.

How about right at the moment? Well, here I am, sitting by myself. Enjoying my favorite ice chocolate mint, while the weather outside turns bad. The day is becoming darker and windy, and my Pink Bunny is at work. But, hey, I’m having a good time anyway.

So, are you having one right now?



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