Little Doodles I Made

Hey, there, Arch-Mates,

Once in a while, I doodle pictures. On my books, on any scrap papers, but thankfully not on the wall–the landlady would kill me if I dare to do so. Sometimes, I color them, but most of the times I don’t. So, instead of letting it ended in a trash bin somewhere, I decided to scan and upload some here, under the category named “Doodles“.

Enjoy, Arch-Mates… 🙂





  1. Hi there,

    Fantastic blog, Im compiling a book called doodles from a meeting and i wondered if you could help spread the word and or collaborate/contribute on it with me!

    My blog is

    It in the early stages but ive had a great response so far.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Hey, there, Wayne,

      I’ve checked your site. Awesome project! I’ll definitely spread the word about it. I don’t doodle in meetings. But, I do doddle during classes. Can I include my doodles in your project then?

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