Running Away

I don’t like to stay home. I hate it when they told me the same things over and over again. I couldn’t stand the pressure. I ran away.”

Dear Arch-Mates,

It was being said by a teenage girl. It was obvious that something wrong was going on in her home, in her family. She couldn’t stand it, so she ran away.

I could understand the feeling. I could understand the want. What I couldn’t understand was the course of actions she took next.

She started seeing another girl. Started to have a romantic relationship with her. Then, she stated her wants. She wanted the girl to take her away. Out of town. Out of the reach of her family.

Yeah, I know. Things got messy from that time on.

Many times, people, especially the young ones, acted on impulses. When we faced a big problem, pinned by a lot of pressure, we tended to ran way. Or worse, we tried to solve it with force, demanded our wants–and our wants alone–to be accepted. Yet, when they were refused by the other party we choose to run away (again). Then, all would end up in more mess.

However, will all these running solve our problems?

I could understand that running away, or at least staying away from home, is a right step to take in case of domestic violence. To prevent it from happening again, the victim should be separated from the perpetrator. Yet, the problem still needs to be solved. Only running away won’t solve it, right?

We could get some help from other people or some organizations, but in the end, we should face the problem ourselves. And, by saying face the problem I mean doing it in a good way. Yelling at your parents–refusing to come home–in front of the cops is not a good way.

In some cases, it’s even better to let them have their way for a while. Going home. Acting as if we’re okay with their decisions. Waiting for everything to calm down. All the while, thinking about a good approach to have a way with our wants.

Sounds sly? Seems hypocritical? Maybe. But, I know, keep on picking a fight with the family won’t make it easier for us to have what we desire. Sometimes, we need to turn around, make a detour to get the right timing to solve what’s needed to be solved–in our favor.

Thanks for taking your time reading these ramblings of my thought, Arch-Mates.



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