To Smashwords

Dear Smashwords,

I accidentally stumbled upon your site when I was looking for free textbooks related to my assignments online. Then, I started reading free work of fictions from amazing independent authors on your site. I rarely read English as a hobby. But, I started to do it regularly because of you and your wonderful authors.

I’ve been thinking about publishing my work of fictions a long time ago. However, I’ve never finished the so-called novel drafts I’ve been working all this long. I didn’t write enough short stories to make an anthology either. Besides, girls love theme hasn’t been recognized as a decent popular theme for the mainstream publisher here in my country. Some new yet small publishing company tried to explore the theme. But, the number of book sold was not big enough. I guess not many people were brave enough to take the book and bring it to the counter–well, I should say that the look given by the bookstore cashier can be unnerving sometimes.

That’s why, I was very happy to find Smashwords. I was especially happy to know that Smashwords published single short stories, too–as long as they are finished, not ongoing work. So, that’s what I did. I published the short stories I wrote in English through the site.

Thank you Smashwords. Thanks to everyone’s working for Smashwords. Thank you for publishing my work. I really appreciate it. Really.


p.s.: If you’re interested to read more about publishing on Smashwords, try to check the site here.


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