To My Beloved Pink Bunny

Dear My Bunny. My Home. My Partner of Life.

Thank you for being with me. Forty two months. That’s three and a half year. Yet, you’re still here. Staying right beside me.

Thank you. Thanks for listening to everything I need and want to say. Thanks for letting me thinking aloud many times. I know I rarely keep my mouth shut. I know that many times you’re downright tired from work and everything. But, you’re there anyway, listening to all my wishing and whining.

You know how I usually all talks and ideas–and most of them never lived long enough to see the day after tomorrow? I know that you also know that about me–by heart. But you listen to them anyway. Responded to each of them, saying whether it’s feasible or not. Appraising the ups and downs about them. Reminding me about some of them if I hadn’t finished working with the idea yet I started working on another.

You’re my ultimate fan. Yet also my ultimate beta reader and editor. You never laugh at my willingness to make a living out of small Do-It-Yourself project–not out of office day job like others. You encourage me to keep on writing even though it reduces our time together–since there are days I stay up all night and sleep the day away. Many times, you even make me a cup of tea for whenever I’m writing–without my asking any…

Thank you, Dear. Thank you for all the supports. Thanks for all the love you show me.

I love you. I really really love. Only you.



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