To Janine Jones & Jeanette Birk

Dear Janine Jones and Jeanette Birk,

Of all the rewards one can get from publishing work of fictions, feedback is the best. Seriously. I know I let people read my short stories for free. But, even if I get any money from them, it will come second. Nothing outweighs the pleasure of knowing that someone enjoyed your work very much. That’s why, I’m going to use this space of my hidden closet to thank my first reviewers:

Janine Jones and Jeanette Birk.

Thank you very much. I was really happy when I read the words you left under my short story’s–Finally— Smashwords page. Your words encourage me to write more and more. I’ll try to publish another one soon and I hope you’ll enjoy it, too… 🙂

For all of you, Arch-Mates, who would like to know about what they wrote in the reviews, you can read them here–near the bottom of the page.

Janine Jones is also a fellow author. She wrote teen fictions full of romance, adventure, and suspense called “The Origem Chronicles“. The first book of the chronicle–“Take Me With You“–is already published on Smashwords. If you’re interested in stories like City of Ember, Artemis Fowl, or the Twilight series, you might want to click on the title and check her book.

I haven’t find any book of Jeanette Birk on Smashwords. But, I surely would like to check on any when she publishes one.

Once again thanks to my first reviewers.

And thanks to you, Arch-Mates, for checking this small space in my hidden closet.



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